Best Plugins To Boost Your Social Media Presence – 2021 UPDATE

In this post I will show you how to boost your social media presence using free or paid plugins.

Most of the premium wordpress templates have by default the option to add social buttons in the sidebar or the social share buttons on your posts. But sometimes they don’t look good or worse,they don’t work.

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Fortunately there are a lot of options available on the internet. A simple search on will show more than one million results.

Not all the plugins from this website are powerful and professional,but some of them are worth to be mentioned here.

Free wordpress plugins to boost your social engagement

I will start the list with a well-known plugin called Jetpack .This plugin has some amazing features,2 of them are for social media experience.First option is the like box that can be added on sidebar as a widget.The second option is the posibility to add social sharing buttons at the end of the articles.

Because Jetpack requires to connect your website to,some users can find this disturbing. Until, someone decided to recreate a light version of this plugin called Slim Jetpack. It has same functions like Jetpack but does not require a account.

Free wordpress plugins to boost your social engagement

SumoMe is another great plugin and it has some nice features,one of them is Image Sharer. When your visitors will move the cursor over the pictures from your website,the sharing buttons will appear. In this way,it’s easier for them to share the pictures with their followers.

Another great feature of this plugin is Highlighter. With Highlighter, your visitors can highlight sections of your articles to share them on Facebook or Twitter.

If you choose SumoMe, you can opt-in for their premium plan to take your website to the next level!

Social Media Share Buttons Popup & Pop Up Social Sharing Icons – this plugin is free but really attractive. It let’s you add share icons for RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, ‘Share’ (covering 200+ other social media platforms) and upload custom share icons of your choice.

Like other plugins from marketplace, this free tool has a premium plan which bring a lot more features that can help you grow your social media presence.

grow your social media shares
grow your social media shares

Social Share, Social Login and Social Comments Plugin – Super Socializer – is a powerful plugin that will help you to integrate Social Login, Social Share and Social Comments on your website in no time. They promise to provide all the features required to boost your social media following.

WWM Social Share On Image Hover is a WordPess Plugin that helps you to add social media icons  on hover the post images on your website. Also you can restrict showing share icons on small images.

The pro version comes with even more features, if you like it you can give it a try!

add social media icons

If you want to add a social floating bar on the left side of your blog you have 2 free options: Digg Digg and Fuse. These 2 plugins have a lot of great features and for sure will you to boost your social media engagement .

social profiles icons

Social Stickers is a simple plugin that displays various icons of your social networks in the sidebar. It is important to make it easy for people to reach to your social network profiles. In this way you can get new likes, followers or subscribers.

OnePress Social Locker is a very powerful content locker wordpress plugin.Basically you can lock everything you want on your posts and pages.You can lock the whole page or just a piece of content.People have to share,tweet or +1 to unlock the content.

This plugin is very powerful and can bring you a lot of social traffic. For advanced functions of this plugin and more templates you can get a premium version of this plugin downloading from here: OnePress Social Locker Premium.

content locker wordpress plugin

Premium wordpress plugins to boost your social engagement

Monarch is a wordpress plugin created by Elegantthemes and it can help you to add sharing buttons in 5 different locations on your website.You can add sharing buttons as a floating bar on the left side of your website,similar to Flare and Digg Digg,but better organized.

Also you can add sharing buttons above or below content or on videos or images ,similar to SumoMe. Also you can add them as a popup or an automatic fly-in.

Premium wordpress plugins to boost your social engagement

Setting up and managing your Monarch settings is anything but complicated. We’ve created a custom panel in the WordPress dashboard for easy and intuitive access to some additional features, such as analytics/statistics for your social media shares, and an import/export module.

It’s also mobile-friendly, and offers many customization options for your buttons. Lastly, since it’s a premium product, you get 24/7 customer support.

monarch plugin review

WordPress Social Share And Highlight Text – WP Social share content plugin allows your visitors to share your content easy, fast, and beautiful. Visitors can select your product/blog content and share/tweet it on different social media platforms.

Premium wordpress plugins to boost your social engagement

ShareBang, Ultimate Social Share Buttons for WordPress – is an amazing social share plugin for WordPress
It’s a complete tool that will helps you to increase shares and traffic and grow your sales .
It supports +42 social networks.

What do you think? This is our 2021 list for best social media plugin that can help you to increase your social media presence!

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