Top 18 Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Trying to figure out what the best social media plugins are for your WordPress website? There are so many social networking plugins available for WordPress that it can be difficult for newcomers to decide which one is the best for what they want to achieve.

The greatest social media plugins for WordPress will be discussed in this article, and you will be able to download and install them immediately.

What to expect from a WordPress Social Media Plugin?

Performance is the biggest issue with most WordPress social media plugins. The additional stylesheets and scripts that these plugins need to load can slow down your website.

You must strike a balance between the functionality of your WordPress site and its performance. Slowing down your website and harming user experience can make a social networking plugin with a lot of functions useless.

Once you’ve decided on your preferred social networks, it’s time to implement them on your website. A better user experience can be achieved by limiting the number of alternatives available.

As a result, it’s possible to display social media buttons in a variety of locations throughout your site. Depending on the plugin, you may be able to customise how they appear on your site.

Other best WordPress social media plugin lists don’t focus on performance; here, we’ll only present the plugins that actually work. There won’t be too many plugins with the same functionality because each of these plugins will cover a variety of distinct social media use scenarios.

Here are some of the top WordPress social media plugins to get you started:

1. Better Click to Tweet

Social Media Plugins for WordPress

Better Click to Tweet is an excellent plugin for adding tweetable quote boxes to your WordPress posts and pages.
A popular and free WordPress plugin, Better Click to Tweet, employs a shortcode to turn highlighted quotations into tweetable hyperlinks..

Using Better Click to Tweet, you have complete control over the URLs that appear in your tweets.

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Whether you use the WordPress block editor or the classic editor, this plugin is fully compatible. Tweets can be styled to match your brand and include beautiful, quotable quotes.

2. Nextend Social Login

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

The most popular social login plugin for WordPress is Nextend Social Login.Visitors can sign up and log in to your website using their social media accounts.

For example, you may join in with your Facebook or Google account or with a Twitter handle, and you can also use it to log in with a variety of other well-known services like Slack or Discord.

By removing the requirement to create an account, introducing social login to your WordPress membership site or eCommerce store has been found to increase conversions in several studies.

In addition to allowing users link their WordPress profile on your site with their social profile, it also lets them request a custom username and integrate social login with WordPress comments, among other things.

In addition to WooCommerce, BuddyPress, and Easy Digital Downloads, the Nextend social login plugin also works with the WordPress login and registration forms by default.

Free version of Nextend social software only supports a limited number or popular sign-in options.

3. Novashare

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Another popular WordPress social sharing plugin, Novashare, was created with speed in mind and is optimised for efficiency. It enables you to add social sharing buttons to your website without affecting performance or user experience in any negative way.

You can use this social media plugin to add share buttons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, WhatsApp, SMS, Reddit, Telegram, Pinterest, and many more social networks.

Other significant capabilities include the ability to add floating social bar in WordPress posts, show total share count, embed click-to-tweet blocks inside your post, add Pinterest picture hover pins, show follow buttons in your sidebar or footer, and even add UTM tracking to social links.

The bestThe best aspect is that it is totally responsive and compliant with GDPR regulations.

4. OptinMonster

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Over 1 million websites use OptinMonster, the best WordPress popup plugin on the market. It aids in the conversion of visitors who are about to leave your website into fans on social media and subscribers on your email list.

Use it to create dynamic popups, floating bars, scroll boxes, or even gamified spin to win campaigns to boost your social media following. Social media popups are completely mobile-friendly and function on all devices.

With OptinMonster, you can use a chatbot for ManyChat to expand your company’s reach using the power of Facebook Messenger.

You may use the popup builder to promote anything you want because it is totally drag-and-droppable and comes with a slew of customization options. For example, it has sophisticated capabilities like A/B testing and geolocation tracking and exit-intent detection.

Why does WPBeginner utilise it? Because it is routinely regarded as the world’s most powerful conversion optimization toolkit. OptinMonster has a free edition that includes most of the functionality you’ll need for a tiny website.

5. Smash Balloon Social Wall

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Using the Smash Balloon Social Wall plugin, you can create a dynamic community page on your website that incorporates your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube material.

A simple approach to get more people involved in your social media is to set up a Facebook fan page. The Grid, List, or Carousel layouts can be used to display your most popular social media postings.

The demo of Social Wall can be viewed here.

If you don’t already have the Smash Balloon social media feeds plugin installed, this plugin won’t work.

6. SeedProd

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

SeedProd is the most popular WordPress page builder plugin, with more than one million installations to its credit. Using the drag and drop page builder, you can design unique landing pages and even completely customised WordPress themes (no coding needed).

Adding a link to your Instagram bio page is as simple as using the built-in social media integration.

You may use SeedProd’s 150+ pre-made page layouts for custom sales pages, webinar landing pages, and just about any other form of landing page that you can think of.

For social media campaigns, many bloggers and website owners use SeedProd to design bespoke landing sites. It is compatible with a wide range of third-party platforms and email marketing services.

For those just getting started, SeedProd offers a free edition with the most basic functionality.

7. Pretty Links

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

The Pretty Links affiliate and link shortening plugin for WordPress is one of the best in the business, and it is utilised by over 300,000 websites.

It makes it simple to post short links that are associated with your brand on your social media sites.Share affiliate links or product links on your Instagram stories, reels, YouTube videos, podcasts, and other social media platforms with this feature.

Pretty Links have the advantage of allowing you to build links that are both memorable and easy to type for your users to click on.

The link clicks can be tracked and managed from a centralised location within your WordPress dashboard, making it very convenient.

Aside from the social networking advantages, it also has intelligent content marketing capabilities to increase affiliate earnings, such as automatic keyword replacement, advanced redirect types, and other features, among others.

Please keep in mind that there is a free version of Pretty Links that includes only the most basic features that you can use to get started.

8. Smash Balloon YouTube Feeds Plugin

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Want to use WordPress to show a personalised YouTube feed? Smash Balloon YouTube Feed is a WordPress plugin that makes it easy to embed YouTube videos into your site. It’s the most popular YouTube feed plugin used by more than 30,000 websites.

You can use it to display the most recent YouTube videos from your channel, display playlists, embed YouTube live broadcasts, and other features. It has a variety of layout choices, so you can arrange the material anyway you like.

You can choose from a number of different YouTube feed layouts, such as grid, gallery, list, and carousel slider.

This YouTube plugin may also be used to curate material from your favourite channels, to show only videos with specific keywords in the title, to create new posts on your website from videos, and even to create bespoke YouTube feeds using customised search queries….

Smash Balloon offers all the advanced capabilities you might imagine, such as the ability to have custom pause and stop actions for product placements, smart loading of YouTube players to boost website speed, Gutenberg block editor support, and more.

See our tutorial on how to set up a custom YouTube feed in WordPress for more information.

There is also a free version of Smash Balloon’s YouTube Feed for WordPress that comes with a few basic features that you may utilise to get started.

9. MonsterInsights

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Over 3 million websites utilise MonsterInsights, the greatest WordPress analytics plugin. Google Analytics may be set up correctly and the metrics you care about can be viewed straight from your WordPress dashboard.

We don’t think you can change something if you don’t know what’s wrong. When you know exactly how visitors find and use your website, it’s much easier to increase your traffic and revenue.

When you know which social media networks and initiatives are most effective, you can put more effort into those that are working and avoid spending time on others that aren’t.

There are numerous ways in which you can benefit from using this tool.

And the greatest part? It can be accessed by anyone, even if you don’t know much about statistics.

The Headline Analyzer, for example, helps you develop headlines that are more likely to be shared on social media. In addition, the popular posts extension allows you to highlight your most popular posts on your WordPress homepage, sidebar, and elsewhere.

In-depth instructions on setting up Google Analytics in WordPress may be found in our how-to guide.

Note: A free version of MonsterInsights is available for those who want to try it out before purchasing the full version.

10. RafflePress

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

WordPress giveaway plugin RafflePress is the greatest approach to grow your website’s traffic and social media followers by leveraging viral giveaways and competitions.

If you’re looking for a technique to gain more subscribers, boost social media interaction, and increase your website traffic, this is the giveaway builder for you.

RafflePress seamlessly interacts with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter, among other social media platforms.
Refer-a-friend is a strong function that can really boost your growth.

More video views, more Instagram followers, more Facebook “likes,” more Twitter “followers,” and more blog “comments” can all be attained with the usage of giveaway actions.

The more giveaway acts participants complete, the more entries they can earn in the contest. In order to maximise your chances of winning, RafflePress allows you to combine numerous entries into one. You can use the giveaway to increase your email list of subscribers because it is compatible with all of the finest email marketing services.

See our step-by-step guide on how to establish a giveaway in WordPress to boost your social media following for more information.

It’s worth noting that the free version of RafflePress comes with fewer contest entry choices. The Pro edition is the only way to unlock all of the app’s features.

11. Smash Balloon Twitter Feed Plugin

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Want to use WordPress to show your own Twitter feeds? Smash Balloon, the best WordPress social feed plugin, provides a special Twitter feed plugin that allows you to incorporate Twitter content effortlessly into your WordPress site. There are almost 100,000 website owners who use it.

The Smash Balloon Twitter plugin includes six feed kinds, including user tweets, mentions, home timeline, twitter hashtag feed, twitter search terms, and more.

In order to complement your company’s visual identity, you may make any feed layout completely personalised. A masonry layout, spinning carousel sliders, infinite scroll for tweets, and Tweet interaction stats like Like, retweets, and responses are all options for displaying tweets on the site.

For example, you might enable the “Twitter card view” so that only tweets with a specified hashtag appear on your site. You can even integrate many Twitter accounts into a single feed.

To make things even better, the Smash Balloon Twitter Card plugin is GDPR-compliant, which is a huge bonus.

A free edition of Smash Balloon’s Twitter Feed for WordPress comes with a limited set of functionality, but it’s a good way to get started with the service.


Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Over 3 million websites rely on All in One SEO, the best WordPress SEO plugin. In addition to helping you improve your WordPress site’s SEO, it also helps you improve your site’s social media optimization.

Using meta data, social media networks display the correct images and content when a page from your website is shared.

By using AIOSEO, you can fix the problem of your site using the wrong Facebook thumbnail image on social media networks like Facebook.

Twitter cards for WordPress can also be set up with this app, allowing you to get more detailed snippets on Twitter. As a bonus, the WordPress block editor provides a full social preview for each post and page, so you can see exactly how your content will appear on social media.

To further improve your search engine rankings, you can use AIOSEO to add social media profiles for your website and its author to Google’s SEO knowledge panels.

Finally, it has the ability to enter the social media ownership verification code that you’re frequently asked to add in order to claim ownership of your page and unlock additional analytics on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest.

There is a free version of AIOSEO that comes with some basic features that you can use to get started.

13. Smash Balloon Facebook Feed Plugin

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

To display a custom Facebook feed in WordPress, you’ll need a plugin. Smash Balloon Facebook Feed allows you to easily integrate Facebook content into your WordPress site. More than 200,000 websites rely on it for their social media feeds.

Your Facebook page, photos, videos, albums, and events can all be displayed using this application. Feed templates for your Facebook groups are also available.

With a simple feed builder, you can filter posts, show comments and reactions and more to make your Facebook feed exactly what you want it to be!

For example, you can use Smash Balloon to display live video and filter posts by word or hashtag. You can also merge content from multiple Facebook accounts into a single feed and so on.

The best part is that all images are cached, so your website will load lightning fast. Anywhere on your site, including blog posts, pages, sidebars, and product pages, you can embed the feed, of course!

Learn how to customise your WordPress Facebook feed with our step-by-step instructions.

Smash Balloon has a free version of Facebook Feed for WordPress that includes some basic features that you can use to get started.

14. Uncanny Automator

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Uncanny Automator is the best WordPress automation plugin. It helps you connect your WordPress site with your favorite apps, so you can automate routine tasks and save time.

For example, you can use it to setup a workflow that automatically share your new blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The best part is that you can setup automations without any coding skills. It’s a point-and-click set up.

If you’re running an online store, then you can setup smart automations like asking users to share a testimonial after they make a purchase. If you’re selling online courses, then you can ask users to share their certificate photo on Instagram to get additional rewards.

Uncanny Automator also lets you connect your WordPress site with dozens of other popular apps like Google Sheet, Slack, MailChimp, Zoom, and more.

This is why it’s in our list of must have WordPress plugins for all websites.

Note: There’s also a free version of Uncanny Automator that comes with basic integrations that you can use to get started with.

15. Shared Counts

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Shared Counts is a WordPress social media plugin that’s quick and simple to use. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and Yummly are missing from the app’s feature set.

A variety of button styles are available, as well as the ability to place the button exactly where you want it to appear (before or after the content or manually). Custom post types can also benefit from this feature.

Each network’s social share count is attempted by the plugin. Just showing the total number of shares across all networks is another option.

16. Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Plugin

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

You can use Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed to display your most recent Instagram photos on your WordPress site in a beautiful way. Over a million websites use it as their social feed plugin.

You can choose from a variety of feed layouts, such as hashtag feeds, shoppable feeds, Instagram stories, and more. It’s highly customizable. Your site’s built-in moderation system even allows you to display user-generated content selectively.

You can highlight specific Instagram posts, show items in which you’ve been tagged, combine content from multiple Instagram accounts into a single feed, and more with Smash Balloon’s advanced features.

Because all images are cached, your site will load incredibly quickly. Anywhere on your site, including blog posts, pages, sidebars, and product pages, you can embed the feed as well.

See our guide on how to set up a custom Instagram feed in WordPress for more information.

It’s worth noticing that the free version of Smash Balloon’s Instagram Feed for WordPress includes only the most basic features and is ideal for those just getting started.

17. Monarch

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022

Monarch was developed by Elegant Themes in 2014 and quickly became one of the most popular WordPress social media plugins on the market.

You can use Monarch to display beautiful social media sharing buttons in a variety of ways, including above and below content, as a floating sidebar, as an automatic pop-up, embedded into images and videos, or as a fly-in box that slides onto the page.

Customisation options allow you to choose when the pop-up or fly-in sharing boxes appear, and there are more than 20 social media networks supported. After a user has left a comment on an article or made a purchase from your store, for example, or after they’ve scrolled to a specific point on the page, you can display sharing buttons.

Elegant Themes hasn’t changed Monarch all that much since it was first released. Even though it’s been a few years since Google+ was shut down, it’s strange that the social network is still supported

A one-time fee of $249 for Elegant Themes’ membership or $87 per year is required to use Monarch. With the Elegant Themes membership, you can download the Monarch theme as well as the flagship Divi and Extra themes as well as Bloom’s email opt-in plugin and Divi’s page builder plugin.

18. Jetpack

Social Media Plugins for WordPress in 2022go

Consider using the sharing module in Jetpack plugin if you’re looking for an easy way to share content on social media. In fact, it has more than 5 million active installations, so you may already be using the plugin. If you’ve never used Jetpack before, you should know that you’ll need a account to do so.

In the sharing module, you can display simple sharing buttons for social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, as well as email and print options.

You have the option of showing official sharing buttons or icons with text, icons only, or text only. This will significantly slow down your page’s load time, so I recommend avoiding the official social media sharing buttons.

In addition, Jetpack allows you to specify which post types on your website should have social media sharing buttons included in them.

Despite the fact that Jetpack is a basic social media sharing tool with few customization options, it seamlessly integrates into your content and looks great in articles. If you only want to show text-based sharing links, Jetpack won’t add any extra weight to your page in this case.

As a result of Automattic moving all settings to, Jetpack’s sharing module is less user-friendly than it was before.

A List of Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve answered a lot of queries as a result of helping millions of readers with WordPress. The following are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about social media plugins for WordPress that have been submitted.

Besides the ones mentioned above, do you know of any more WordPress sharing plugins?

Yes, there are literally dozens of additional social media plugins for WordPress available on the market right now. To assist our readers in avoiding decision paralysis, we did not include them in our post.

Aside from that, you may be surprised to see that we haven’t included some popular social networking plugins such as Add This and Share This as well as AddToAny, Sumo, Shareaholic, and others because they all load external scripts that considerably slow down your website.

Furthermore, some of the companies that provide free social sharing plugins are also selling the information about your website users.

As a side note, there are a number of other social plugins available for use on your website such as Social Snap, Ultimately Social, and so on that, while useful, we believe are not as performance optimised as the sharing plugins we discussed above.

Which WordPress plugins can assist me in gaining more social media followers and engagement?

Running a viral giveaway is the quickest and most effective way to increase your social media followers. In terms of social media giveaway plugins for WordPress, RafflePress is the best.

We use it on a regular basis across our websites to assist us in growing our social media followers. Its refer-a-friend and other viral features assist you in leveraging word-of-mouth advertising to gain more social followers on social media platforms.

OptinMonster is the other tool that we employ. We developed custom slide-in popups that have assisted us in growing our Facebook group.

Final words

When it comes to social media posting, everyone has a different opinion on what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.

I would thus recommend you to try out a number of the options listed above, and, in the case of premium solutions, to extensively evaluate the demos of each one before making a final decision.

Look around and pay attention to the places where the plugin allows you to display sharing buttons within posts and pages, the styles that are accessible, and the social media sharing networks that are supported by the plugin.

In an ideal world, you would select a solution that supports your preferred social media networks, integrates seamlessly with the design of your website, and does not significantly impact the performance of your website.

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